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The school of architecture at VDA is currently updating their website and we hope you like our blogs. Click the link below to be directed to our calendar and services. Please bear with us as we keep updating!

VDA is one of the most evolving schools with a promising future in the field of design education.


Our architecture education is a response to the changing scenario of society, culture, environment and technology. The purpose of the course is to inculcate the most essential values from our past. Architecture of the future always needs to be aware of the desirables of our history. Studying the context and learning by doing, helps students understands the rudimentary principles. An architect without wisdom would be like a farmer minus the understanding nature. It is important for students to explore their interests without which the essence of creativity will be extinct.

We are known for our rigorous and strict approach for education. Students, who are honestly seeking to learn and wish to truly become professional, can farewell at VDA. Insincere efforts and incompetence will lead to disappointment and failure. We guarantee the quality of our students and do not compromise on our ideologies. All our efforts are in the interest of the students and their future.

Letter from the Dean About the DeanAcademic Policy