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VDA provides beginner’s scholarship to students with highest merit in our 1st year B. Arch program.


Amikrupa Education Trust and Vadodara Design Academy jointly provide for numerous scholarships that are based on merit, academic regularity, and the student’s contribution towards the researches carried out at VDA. Our education system is based on rewarding students to facilitate their exploration and help them in any way we can. The scholarship program at VDA helps fund deserving students based on their achievements and contributions.

Beginners Scholarship (merit based)

Students aiming for the 1st year beginner’s scholarship in B. Arch program are requested to submit their NATA scores and details about educational qualifications to info@vda.in by the end of August. Students with meritorious achievements in Diploma or 10+2 shall be awarded the Beginners Scholarship funded by Vadodara Design Academy which will help them during their initial year at VDA.

Annual Institutional Scholarships (merit based)

The Annual Institutional Scholarship aims to encourage students and create an environment of healthy academic competitiveness. VDA awards scholarships to 15 meritorious students every year under the following categories:

Overall academic performance 1
Best design studio projects 2
Outstanding performance in Construction technology 3

AET Scholarships (means based)

VDA offers assistance on the basis of means to students from modest financial backgrounds. Applicants are required to submit the documents to support their current financial condition along with their past academic records to the administration by the end of August.

AET Scholarships for academic regularity

The Scholarships for academic regularity are funded by Amikrupa Education Trust. The school awards INR 5000/- to students with 100% attendance in order to imbibe the culture of academic regularity at VDA. Sincere students receive scholarship for full attendance and academic performances every year, which has been motivational for students to keep up with their good work.

CHHAT Scholarships (research contribution)

Centre for Human Habitat and Alternative Technology is an off-shoot and an initiative by the students of VDA. The evolution of its research into use of alternative technology and that architects find a way to give back to the society is its main goal. Student volunteers working in parallel to the research carried out at CHHAT are nominated through a separate application process which is scrutinized by the academic committee at VDA.

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