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RSP is one the most exciting programs which is based on the traditional knowledge and wisdom of the built environments.


The Related study Program at VDA is credited for documenting various traditional and rural settlements that provides a platform for further study and work. Since 2007, our RSPs have covered over 4 states and 15 towns and villages across the western zone. The revised curriculums for the RSP intend to showcase the works though drawings, models, and publications that would be available at nominal cost for architects and students. Some of the documented RSP’s include:

1. Bhadreshwar, Kutch
2. Umarpada, Narmada
3. Sankheda, Central Gujarat
4. Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh
5. Mandu, Madhya Pradesh
6. Khetri, Rajasthan
7. Dabhoi, Gujarat
8. Dholera, Gujarat