Welcome to VDA

The school of architecture at VDA is currently updating their website and we hope you like our blogs. Click the link below to be directed to our calendar and services. Please bear with us as we keep updating!

Life and culture centered within nature, is the key feature of the learning environment at VDA.


Being an initiative with a unique sense of manifesto, VDA has set a conductive teaching – learning environment in both physical and an intangible way. Nature is at the center and is reflected by the place for learning, and how it is linked with the outdoor environment. It is a constant reminder for every one to relate their learning process in which there is some order of balance between man-nature. The wisdom and knowledge gained by rational and analytical thinking gives the students at VDA a creative edge. Inspirations and influences from the living – working processes become stimulants for creative explorations.

We envision a better future by continuously improving the standards of architectural education, which carve the designers of the future. Here research plays an important role for students to evolve a broader outlook and a holistic approach for design. We welcome and appreciate students with higher merits by allowing them for scholar ships and free ships. Join us on the five-year undergraduate program for the joy of learning architecture in Vadodara.

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