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Retrofitting On-Campus

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We at Vadodara Design Academy intend to explore contemporary construction and enhance the structural knowledge of the students who volunteerto build design-relevant solutions, at our student organization- CHHAT.

With the purpose of catering the immediate needs within the campus a couple of multi-functional pavilions were constructed in VDA.

The ‘Cave’ was made by the students during the celebration of college’s Foundation Day in August 2015. Due to weathering, the structure needed retrofitting of certain elements. Therefore, in January 2017 the students initiated the process by replacing the damped and bent bamboo struts with the new ones and the canvas roofing which had become brittle because of a long- time exposure to the sun. The altered plinth and paving of the pavilion offers to accommodate a considerable amount of people, gathering occasionally. And during the semester it serves as workshop space.

The ‘Bambulian’ was constructed by the volunteers during their vacations in the April 2015 with the assistance of local labors who are the experts at what they do. It is a hybrid kind of a truss system cantilevered from both the ends. The entire structure rests on columns which spring out from minimum points on the ground. All the structural members being exposed to sun and rain for over a year and a half, required replacement of certain members. So, some of the students repaired the structure as a part of an elective for Construction workshop.

Maintenance and timely repair of all the structures that are constructed in the campus as a part of design-built experiments, is also volunteered by the students’ community itself.

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