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Sketching Trips

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Sketching is an integral part of architecture education. Drawing with one’s own hand to convey information, all professionals need the ability and practice for the same. To introduce stone as a traditional building material to the budding students of first year, the school organized a sketching trip to Champaner where they explored and sketched various wall sections to understand the basic assemblies made out of Stone. Other than Champaner, they also visited Mandvi, Vadodara for a similar sketching exercise. Sketching trips are also good breaks for the students as they the learning experience is very different from regular studio based learning. This also is an opportunity for the greenhorns to explore places, people and culture in our vicinity. Gujarat has a rich heritage and a vast list of peculiar buildings with varied construction systems. Students get to see quite a bundle of information when touring on such sketching trips. However informal, these trips are must have for all architecture students.

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