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Workshop by Infield Studio

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In-Field Studio is a workshop, an experimental school in which the participants try to read and record the local landscape to enhance their imagination and practical skills to contribute to the relationship between the human life and landscape. In collaboration with In-Field, VDA has held workshops, where the students from the school associated with the students from Japan and Vishwabharati University, Kolkata to research and study a rural village area in Santiniketan (an inland area of Bengal), and tried to capture the possibilities of the relationships between the human civilization and the natural environment.

The participants got an opportunity to research, analyze issues and create something as a responsive solution while exchanging, sharing and combining the knowledge of their varied fields. With a blend of art, architecture and language, this cross cultural approach has allowed the participants to experience a creative environment generated from a spontaneous concord between the village life and the nature’s harmony.

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