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Related Study Program – Amritsar

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The city of Amritsar is a dazzling showcase of composite culture and secular heritage. The architecture Amritsar RSP provided students an opportunity to explore this less explored architecture of the region in the quest of associating with vernacular architecture. The principle aim for this study program was to observe the city level organization of public and other prominent buildings and residences. In the process, specific emphasis was laid at understanding the spatial organizations inside the buildings to develop a sense of proportions and scale in buildings that do justice to the function and the mass they accommodate.

The object of the exercise was to explore and understand to develop a knack of the construction order given the constraints a particular material poses and the way these limitations and strength are manifested into architecture.

Heritage Walk was conducted by Sir Davinder Singh a government official who organizes hikes for the visitors and tourists in Amritsar. He guided the students through the beautifully spreaded heritage across the city and introduced them to the rich and varied architecture of the place.

After completing the documentation in Amritsar, the students and faculties at VDA toured and explored the architecture of Chandigarh. A visit to the Capitol Complex, Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake and the Chandigarh College of Architecture also….

The extensive study of traditional built- environments and interaction of life around through RSP allowed an experience to be with the people, relate to their psyche and decipher the relationship of the socio- cultural aspects of life in Amritsar to the built environment.

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