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Reciprocal Frame

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The extensive use of bamboo at VDA has led us to find more solutions with what we call as “construction waste”, which is produced every time we build or create something. Using bamboo in construction involves cutting them to the right size, which is why the ends are always unused. Also being a natural material, Bamboo has numerous curved pieces which we intend to use otherwise. But after accumulating the dense ends of bamboo poles, we have come up with what is technically known as a ‘Reciprocal Frame’. The joineries are tied with jute ropes and the entire structure is modular even if it appears to be chaotic. The beauty lies in its strength which is observed when load is applied on the top most pieces of the dome. Students made numerous modules that could be repeated in order to build the structure, which were initially developed through models. This structure is still under a certain stage of full scale development, but we hope to scale it up in the near future.

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