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Building Dome in Junagadh

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Vadodara Design Academy has always believed that the experience of hands-on learning and practical knowledge is equally important for a student’s overall development. With this intension the school started Buildathon, an academic platform for young brains to get connected to art and architecture. Many students from the Faculty of Architecture at ‘Noble Group of Institutions’ at Junagadh participated in the Construction workshops held in Buildathon.

Post-Buildathon, the Noble Group approached VDA to build a Geodesic Dome on their Campus. A hand-full of students who are also volunteers at CHHAT, worked on the pre-fabricated parts- the bamboo struts, the joineries and the waterproofing cover for almost 5-days and then went to Junagadh with all the pre-requisites transported to the destination.

With the assistance of the students at the Faculty of Architecture, the VDA students erected the Dome in just two days- the third of weekend of February 2017.

This out-door construction experience turned out to be a great leaning experience where working with the students from other institute offered exchange of knowledge through peer- learning.


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