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CHHAT- the Centre for Human Habitat and Alternative Technology, is a student initiative by Vadodara Design Academy, where the volunteers have come up with a very unusual structural system executed in Bamboo with stringent geometrical order and detailed construction protocols to span 50 ft. X 80 ft. floor space. The students have built this structure to perform functions of their choice. The ‘Bambulian’ is based on unique aspects of geometry, load transfer and the use of the building material itself. The structural concept is similar to Gothic cathedrals that have integral geometry and building components to enclose a space. It has given a real time experience to those who sacrificed their leisure summer vacation and learnt something out of the box. Students worked during their summer break in 2016, in cooperation with laborers who were specialists of bamboo scaffolding.

It has proven to be a two-way knowledge transfer where both students and the bamboo workers have learnt from each other. The special knots tied are custom made for this particular kind of a structure where-in the volunteers have managed to pull in smaller pieces of bamboo as regulators and ties. This design-build experiments and execution by the students is an achievement in itself. The level at which the process of construction has reached, speaks of the final form on its own.

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