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Winning the Buckminster Fuller Challenge

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Post Buildathon, many people visited our new riverside campus which houses a geodesic dome and SathyaPrakashVaranashi, an avid blogger, architect, and professor was one of the many who were really happy with the progress that we have achieved in alternative construction techniques. His blog about our work was noticed by the Buckminster Institute, New York who invited us to take part in the Fuller Challenge. This invitation was like a signal for our students who found a way to apply for the competition. The research on bamboo at VDA has been on since over half a decade.


CHHAT (Center for Human Habitat and Alternative Technology) meaning shelter is a student initiative by the students of VDA, which began as an academic experiment for providing a platform to those who are trying to give back to the society by serving a large group of people facing challenges of shelter requirement. CHHAT got recognized by the jury of the Buckminster Fuller Awards and is announced as the winner of the student category 2016. This is the first year that the Fuller Challenge program reviewed student entries separately from the general pool and selected a student winner. CHHAT was selected amongst dozens of entries as best fitting the criteria of the Fuller Challenge.

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