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Interaction with Prof. Neelkanth Chhaya

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The 10 years of establishment of VDA is being celebrated through an innovative Lecture Series. This time in the loop we were privileged to have workshop and lecture by Prof. NeelkanthChhaya, who has been an academician and a practicing architect for nearly 40 years.

He conducted an influential and unique workshop followed by a lecture. Students from 1st year to final year at VDA, along with students from different institutes participated in the workshop and attended the lecture enthusiastically. His workshop inspired the students to create architecture responsive to nature, the architecture that demonstrates an ability to alter its form, to continually reflect the environmental conditions that surround it.

The students were immensely privileged to attend an intellectual workshop and lecture under his guidance. Prof. Chhaya also interacted with the faculties at VDA as a part of a short training exercise for the budding academicians.

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