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Urban Study Program – Padra

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The Urban Design Studio at VDA is more like a pre- design thesis where the students emphasize more on the research work and produce model to understand the scale of the project at urban level. For this purpose, an urban context in the proximity is taken into consideration and their socio-economic aspects are studied.

With an intension to address the prevailing issues in the locality and the needs of the people residing in it, design interventions are proposed. And looking at the larger perspective, it is an attempt to contribute to the growth of the city as a whole.

This semester, the urban design studio was conducted with an aim to make students understand the urban morphology, its evolution;

The research work involved understanding the city’s work pattern, its development, its peculiarities, the factors affecting the city’s sustainability, inhabitant’s way of living and the mindset of the parish people at city level.  To study the above urban parameters, the city of Padra was taken as the urban fabric

The study was conducted in mainly four groups;

  1. Location, linkages and history;
  2. Demography and Economics;
  3. Environmental and Natural Resources and Physical and Social Infrastructure;
  4. Housing and Slum, and Heritage and Conservation.

The study and research of the urban parameters helped in understanding the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of the Padra city. The issues and potentials regarding the same were identified which led to myriad design proposals regarding urban inserts, as per contextual needs.

The making of physical model of Padra city helped to understand city morphology; the relationship between the open and the built spaces, street patterns and hierarchies, distribution of building uses, and topography of the city. As a result of the above detailed study, proposal of projects like Transit oriented node development, Refurbishment of Sardar Market, Revitalization of Choksi Bazaar, Lake-edge development of MotuTalav and TrikamTalav, and Slum Upliftment Centre were made.

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