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Related Study Program- Bikaner

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Rajasthan has a glorious heritage in stone buildings of kinds and substantial efforts have been made by the school to undertake the extensive study of this legacy we have. The intension behind organizing a related study program to Bikaner was to conduct a detailed documentation of selected buildings to better understand the design determinants and how the buildings are constructed or more accurately assembled, using the elements that are crafted and decorated by several teams of crafts person.

The students have endeavored to do their best by tapping in to the resources and the best potentials of each person on the team. And have attempted to compile and capture the essence of Bikaner, Rajasthan from various principles highlighting design principles, structure and construction physiognomy to the lifestyle and socio-cultural practices.

During the study program, the students were overwhelmed by the support and hospitality offered by the people and the local authority who have also approached VDA to share our publications and the documentation of the city’s heritage which would be presented in the ‘Tourist Information Centre’ at Bikaner.

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