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Upcoming Publications

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At VDA, documentation is a key aspect of the learning process where it gives us a change to learn from examples from around us. Creating a culture to share knowledge is of utmost importance as more the knowledge shared, more information is available in the public domain for future purposes. Archives and Publications are departments under incubation that are also run by the students of our institution. Researches from the previous years, done in main stream academics, as well as workshops, design-build projects and students initiatives are well documented and are now available in physical formats. We at VDA believe in sharing our documentation so that students and researchers can take the work to another level. We expect the same from our partners and associates who have access to this treasured knowledge. Publications that are planned in 2016 are as listed below. These shall be available in printed formats from December 2016. Contact us for your personal early bird copy!

Urban Study Program (Architectural research)

  1. Dholera
  2. Dabhoi
  3. Anand
  4. Khambhat
  5. Vadodara (Mandvi)
  6. Vishwamitri River

Rural Study Program (Architectural research)

  1. Bikaner
  2. Mandu
  3. Kutch
  4. Sankheda
  5. Khetri

Collaborative Workshops (design-build)

  1. Workshop with Prof. Osamu Ishiyama 2015 (Dossier Studio Gaya- VDA)
  2. Workshop with Prof. Kengo Sato 2016 (Dossier Studio Gaya- VDA)

Buildathon Booklet Series (design-build)

  1. Pixel Burst
  2. Studio with Master Architects
  3. Brick by brick
  4. Construction in Mud
  5. Building with Bamboo
  6. Public Art
  7. Filming Spaces
  8. Theatre and Drama
Dossier 2015Dossier 2016
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