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For 1st Year & Higher Level B.Arch.
Admissions on Vacant Seats:
Contact: 9327873831/9327973831

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July 1, 2015
e are now offering help to students genuinely interested in seeking admissions at VDA. You are requested to submit the name, NATA scores and other merit details to the administration. We will revert back and let you know if there is a possibility for you to get admitted to the B. Arch program. Please click the link below to share your query.    
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We Are

Individuals passionate about combining scientific and artistic practice can apply for our intensive five year program.

One to One Experience

We have an intake of only 40 students every year in order to provide quality education and a joyful learning experience.

Ingenious Student Participation

Students are encouraged to take initiatives to organise and manage all the activities and happening on campus. They intensify the art and cultural vibrancy at VDA.

Living a Life in Architecture

We deliver a unique academic experience, in which everyone lives and works close to the school that serves as a breeding ground for the architects of tomorrow.

Quality Guaranteed

Our Facilities are fine men at what they do. Our team at VDA delivers the most competitive architects with a sense of wisdom and understanding. If you fail at VDA, we bet you would never fail in life.

Workshops from Experts

VDA has collaborated with institutions from across the globe and hosts a number of workshops with people from Japan, France, Italy and Malaysia.

Creativity is in The Air

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Our Philosophy

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  • Our Process
  • Our Skills

Work is fun at VDA. Students enjoy doing what they do and that is what makes the difference. Taking pride in ones workman ship enhances the confidence and enthusiasm to always go for that extra mile! We work in and out day, and sometimes nights which is also a real time situation in architect’s professional life.

Group Work35%

Individual Exploration65%



The process of our work is a response to the inevitable phenomena of life. Understanding the sense of continuity and change intervening with the traditional values of art and architecture inculcates a holistic experiential process of leaning. Rational thinking and transformation of ideas through logical reasoning is the spine to design.




Site Visits60%

The skill set of of architect is like that of a barber! One uses many tools to refine their final product that reflects the students workmanship. The foundation of the school is set on the idea of leaning by doing. Motivated students set benchmarks for other students and this creates a heathy competitive environment.

Creative Thinking80%


Drawings / Graphics70%

Computer Programs60%
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VDA Today

Though we just started about a decade ago, VDA is the seventh certified institution for pursuing architecture in the state of Gujarat. Our Alumni range from Master students to practicing architects in the field of Planning, Interior design and Architecture. Please click on the link below to read our alumni blogs.

Letter from the Dean

Affiliations, Collaborations & Initiatives

VDA is proud to be collaborated with eminent institutions and individuals. Students at VDA havebeen working with various people in collaborative efforts for workshops, research projects and cultural exchange. In-field studio is an annual Indo-Japan architectural design-build workshop. Buildathon and CHHAT are two initiatives originally born out of VDA.

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